The tuition payment/fee schedule is to be followed according to the directives given at the time of registration/re-registration. Monthly tuition payments are made August through May. Questions about tuition payments can be made at the school office. According to diocesan policy, only a check or money order is the acceptable payment for tuition. The purpose of the check should be written on the memo line and the child’s last name and grade, if different from the check name.

Tuition Payments/Fees can be sent to the school office as long as it is in an envelope with the child’s name, grade, purpose and amount indicated on the envelope. This also applies to any monies sent to school during the year. Please do not staple or tape money to tear-offs. Exact change should be enclosed as much as possible.

Report cards, field trips, or extra activities may be withheld until all payments are current.

Tuition Policy

Due Date
Tuition payments are due by the 25th each month. Tuition payments are made August through May. Tuition payments beginning in September become a nine month plan (total tuition divided by 9). All tuition payments are to be concluded by May.

Late Payment Fee
Any tuition payment received after the 25th of the month shall incur a $25 late fee. The late fee will be applicable for each month the tuition payment is late. Late fee payment must be separate from the tuition payment.

Delinquent Tuition Payments
After one month of non-payment – A written notice that tuition is in arrears will be mailed and the late fee will be added to your account.

After two months of non-payment – An additional late fee will be added to your account. A phone call will be made by the Tuition Secretary to discuss resolution of the arrears. The call will be followed-up with a letter memorializing the resolution or non-resolution thereof.

After three months of non-payment – No report card will be issued if tuition is in arrears more than two months. The student will be excluded from class, class trips, and activities. A telephone call will be made for you to meet with the Academy’s Board Tuition Committee to discuss and resolve the issue. If a resolution cannot be reached, you will be asked to withdraw your child/ren from the academy.

Early Withdrawal Penalty
If a parent voluntarily withdraws their child/ren from the school before the end of the academic year, the early withdrawal fee will be 20% of the total tuition per student of each month of non-enrollment through June. Full payment will be required for the month the child/ren are withdrawn from the school. This withdrawal fee is necessary because tuition was based on Budgeted Tuition Revenue for the entire year.

Past Due Tuition
Payment of any outstanding tuition must be paid by August 15th in order for your child to be considered enrolled for the upcoming year.

Catholic Tuition
Means you are Baptized and registered at your parish church, that your child/ren have or are in preparation to receive the Sacraments and you have signed Parish Certification Form that you are an active/contributing member of the parish.

The Academy relies on tuition to pay its bills and teacher salaries. The failure or inability to pay tuition in a timely manner adversely impacts the Academy’s ability to provide a quality education to the entire student body.

No report cards will be issued to students with outstanding balances beyond 60 days. All 8th grade students must have tuition and graduation fees paid by May 1st. Students who are not paid in full will not be allowed to participate in graduation activities.