After-School Program

A program for students is provided from dismissal until 6p.m. A separate fee is charged based on the hours and days a student attends. If payment is behind for two weeks, student/s will not be allowed to stay in after-school. If a student is not picked up when the building closes at 6p.m., an additional fee will be charged.

The program for Nursery to Grade 1 and Grades 6 to 8 is a paid program. The program for Grades 2 to 5 is free and is funded by a grant through Greater Ridgewood Youth Council (GRYC). Parents/guardians interested in either program should inquire at the school office.

Bus Service/Transportation

Eligibility for the yellow school bus and Metro Cards is dictated by the Department of Transportation and depends upon the student’s grade level and distance between the school and home.

For safety purposes, students are expected to use proper behavior on school buses, public transportation, and when on a school trip. Failure to behave responsibly will result in disciplinary actions.

Lunch Program

All students remain in school for a supervised lunch program and recess. Each student is expected to eat lunch and/or a snack each full day of school. The food should be healthy and nutritious.

From October to May, students have the opportunity to be provided with lunch through the city lunch program. Lunch is free for ALL students, but the B.O.E. form is needed for ALL students. Funding for other government programs is based on this B.O.E. form.

Special lunches, such as pizza, are offered for purchase periodically.

Parents/guardians/adult family members who are Virtus-trained are encouraged to help at lunch time. This time is put toward M.O.P. hours.

Parents are asked not to drop off lunch, unless absolutely necessary, and are asked to not bring lunch for one or two other students. No lunch delivery from Uber Food, GrubHub, etc. is allowed.

Sacrament Programs

Students in Grade 2 will receive instruction for the celebration of the sacraments of Eucharist and Penance. The immediate preparation, rehearsals, and actual celebration will take place in the parish in which the student’s family is registered and worships regularly on Sundays. A Baptismal certificate from a Roman Catholic Church must be on file for the reception of these sacraments. Confirmation preparation for eligible students in Grade 8 will take place on the parish level, beginning in Grade 7.

Students who are new to these grade levels will not be eligible to receive sacraments until there has been at least two years of religious instruction.

Any family wishing to have a child baptized should inquire at the church office.


Virtus is required diocesan training for all adults who will have contact with students during school hours or school activities (e.g., lunch duty and field trips). For more information, go to To register for the training program, click “First-Time Registrant” on the left side of the page. Our diocese is listed as “Brooklyn, NY (Diocese).”